The conference will be held in the facilities of the Vildmarkshotellet hotel right next to Kolmården Wildlife Park:

618 92 Kolmården


How to get to Kolmården

Vildmarkshotellet in Kolmården is located about 170 km (105 miles) south of Stockholm. The nearest city is Norrköping. If you come by car, follow the signs from Highway E4.


Taxi or bus transfer can be pre booked by our partner Kolmårdens buss Taxi from Linköping Airport, Skavsta Airport, Norrköping Central Station and Kolmården train station to Vildmarkshotellet, as well as on the way back. This opportunity is limited and can be pre booked at or tel 0046(0)11-391107. Taxis can also be booked with Taxibil i Östergötland (tel. 0046(0)11-100 100) and Vikbolands taxi (tel. 0046(0)160 000).

By air

Arlanda, Sweden’s biggest airport, is located north of Stockholm. The Arlanda express train links with Stockholm, where you can take the SJ-train to Kolmården train station or Norrköping Central station. From the train stations you either choose local bus, Östgötatrafiken (bus number 432 or 433), or taxi, to Vildmarkshotellet. Please note, taxis from Kolmården train station to Vildmarkshotellet has to be pre ordered. Taxi from Norrköping Central station or Kolmården train station can be pre booked through Kolmårdens buss Taxi or tel 0046(0)11-391107. Skavsta, is about 50 km away and has limited bus and train services to Kolmården. You are recommended to pre book a taxi through Kolmårdens buss Taxi or tel 0046(0)11-391107.

Linköping airport

From Linköping Airport you can take the local bus Östgötatrafiken (number 16) to Linköping Resecentrum. At Linköping Resecentrum you change to the Östgötapendeln train to Norrköping Central station. At Norrköping Central station you take the local bus
Östgötatrafiken (number 432 or 433) to Vildmarkshotellet. You can also pre book a taxi from Linköping Airport to Kolmården through Kolmårdens buss Taxi or tel 0046(0)11-391107.

By bus

Daily bus services link Kolmården with local communities such as Norrköping, Krokek and Nyköping. For timetables and fares, please see the
Östgötatrafiken and Swebus websites.

By rail

You can get to Vildmarkshotellet by train from any station in Sweden. The nearest stations are Kolmården train station and Norrköping Central station, from where Östgötatrafiken buses (number 432 or 433) will take you all the way to the hotel entrance. For timetables and fares, please see the SJ (Swedish Railways) website. You can also pre book a taxi through Kolmårdens buss Taxi or tel 0046(0)11-391107.

By car

Kolmården is easy to find by car, whether you are coming from the north or the south. The park is located 10 km (6 miles) east of Highway E4. Just follow the signs from the highway exits.

Travel VISA information

Please have a look at the Schengen VISA information website and check whether you need a VISA to attend our conference in Kolmården, Sweden. If you are from one of the countries listed under the ‘Who needs a Schengen VISA’ section, you will need a VISA.



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